Company profile

The company LUMINEX was founded in 1991 so that it is one of the oldest companies oriented on the illumination in the Czech Republic. LUMINEX exclusively represents several significant companies specialized on the illumination in this country:

Albert, Bankamp, Bopp, Bruck, Calex, Epstein Design, Franco, Knapstein (GKS), Landa, LightActs, Menzel, Oligo, Sorpetaler Leuchten, WOFI

Beside this, LUMINEX also delivers products of many other producers (i.e. Lival). Affiliation of LUMINEX in Germany represents company ECO-Design, Czech producer of plaster lights, on German market.


LUMINEX employs 25 top professional cooperators in 2011, and there are no doubts it belongs to prominent lighting companies in the Czech Republic.


LUMINEX offers services

to businessmen:
  • consulting for making a assortment in wholesale and retail trade, attention please that not turnover but return of investment is decisive in trading!
  • shelves and advertising materials
  • opportunity to become a franchising partner or a head of one of new planned affiliations of LUMINEX
  • choice from assortment of approximately 10.000 products
to architects and designers:
  • proposals and lighting projects (illumination of offices, shops, administrative buildings etc.)
  • consulting in energy saving (for instance systems of controlling a level of lighting in relation to exterior light)
  • choice from approximately 10.000 products
  • complete supplies including assembly
  • guarantee and post-guarantee service
  • program for calculation of light intensity
  • from April - a new top program for calculation of light intensity including a possibility to create new interiors
to electricians:
  • transformers, all kinds of sources
  • lamp switches
  • lamp holders
  • wide choice of fittings (fluorescent and discharge lamps, lighting for sport facilities)
  • fast assembly line systems
prodejna LUMINEX, Ječná 7, Praha 2

Informations for customers:

We attention customers, that according §38 of law about scrap nr. 185/2001 (Czech law system) we take back the used metal halide lamps and fluorescent lamps in our shops or in head office LUMINEX and it is free of cost.

Opening hours of the shops and head office you can find in contacts.